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Onstage Entertainment Group is an International entertainment-booking/management  agency with access to local, national and international talent.  We proudly service some of finest resorts, venues, country clubs and restaurants around the world. We provide a wide variety of musical and specialty (non-musical) entertainment for our clients.

Any type of entertainment for any type of event… big or small


    Cover Band, Tribute Bands, Singer-Songwriter, World Music & Dance, Era Specific, Instrumental

  • DJS

    Game Show, Video, Karaoke, Wedding, Silent, Club, With Musicians


    Aerial, Animals, Circus, Comedy, Food & Drink, Magic & Illusion, Technology


    Magicians, Mentalists, Hypnotists, Illusionist


    Giant Games & Fun Fair, Greeters, Interactive Entertainers, Karaoke And Bandeoke, Magic & Illusion, Food & Drink Service


    Asian, Brazillian, European, Bollywood & Indian, Native American, Polynesian & Caribbean, Spanish & Flamenco


    1920s Great Gatsby & Prohibition, 1960s & 1970s, Alice In Wonderland, Arabian Nights, Enchanted Garden, Hollywood & The Oscars, James Bond 007, Wild West & Cowboy


    Cabaret Shows, Circus Shows, Cultural Shows, Fire & Ice Shows, Magic & Illusion Show, Pool Shows


    Tribute Bands, Lookalikes, Impersonators


    Dancers, Dance Troupes, Flash Mob, Hip Hop & Break Dancers, LED Dancers, Vegas Showgirls, World Dance


    Celebrities, Celebrity Chefs, Famous DJs, Famous Musicians & Bands


    Team Building, Tours, Outdoor, Sporting


    Video Mapping, Laser & LED, Ice Sculpture Entertainment, Stage Entertainment


    After Dinner & Comedy Hosts, Celebrity Chef Speakers, Celebrity Speakers, Presentation Emcees & Event Hosts, Athlete Speakers, Keynote Speakers


    AV, Sound, Lighting, Event Production & Filming, Furnishing, Decor & Props, Photo Booths & Photographers, Special Effects & Fireworks, Staging, Backline & Displays


Senior Living

Enhance Senior Living Experiences in Arizona with Engaging Entertainment

Senior living communities strive to provide a comfortable, engaging,…


Your source for entertainment.


Do you need entertainment in the lounge but the space is small? We can handle that! Do you want to create an atmosphere that is both entertaining and conducive to intimate conversation? Our agency will work within your budget…this is our specialty! We do this better than anyone in Arizona.

Onstage Entertainment Group listens carefully to the resort management’s vision for a music program and then delivers on time, on budget and beyond expectations. We work with some of the top food and beverage managers in town. We conduct a site visit to get a feel for the room, we discuss the vision that management has for the room in regards to the clientele the venue would like to attract, the vibe they envision for the room, the hours that would work best for entertainment, the volume concerns, etc.

Since our staff has its finger on the pulse of the valley’s entertainment scene, who better to help you choose the best talent available for the criteria you outline?


Planning a themed event? Do you need interactive entertainment or music or both?

If it’s music you need, we can provide solo artists to big bands, jazz ensembles to tribute bands, country to DJs – we have the perfect accompaniment to your event. Do you need music coverage that compliments event flow starting with a cocktail hour through dinner and then onto the dance floor? Onstage Entertainment Group has you covered.

Are you looking to WOW! your audience? We can provide the best live interactive entertainment available in the valley such as aerial performers, a mentalist, fire eaters, a magician, motivational speakers, etc. We often pull from the talent pools of Los Angeles and Las Vegas so don’t be afraid to ask for what you’d like for your event.

We specialize in providing the most unique entertainment for our clients, with the response time unmatched by anyone.


Onstage Entertainment works closely with you to discover exactly what you are looking for in the way of entertainment for your special social event. Weddings, birthday celebrations, mitzvahs and more, all need the entertainment to elevate the guest experience, not overpower it, or downplay it. Onstage asks the right questions to help bring your vision to life.

We have supplied all forms of entertainment for everything from the most intimate of gatherings to full-size productions.  Do you want local entertainment, would you prefer regional entertainment from Vegas and LA or even an A-list entertainment to WOW your guests?  Onstage Entertainment Group offers all types of entertainment, both musical and specialty entertainment.  Just ask!

Every event has a point person that will coordinate with you during your event and for more elaborate multi-entertainment events, we offer the option of a dedicated onsite coordinator to ensure each facet runs smoothly and exceeds your expectations.


live entertainment
senior living
Country Club

Some of our very satisfied partners and successful events


I needed a jazz band for my parents 50th wedding anniversary and OSEG came through with an amazing trio. Volume was an issue for us and OSEG made sure the group they sent, was sensitive to our needs. We now have a go-to entertainment resource that provides an extremely personal touch.

I needed a DJ at the last minute because something went wrong with communication between my event planner and the DJ himself. At the last minute, not only did Onstage find me a DJ but they found one of the best we’ve ever had and they didn’t gouge us on price with the last minute request.

Being in charge of the entertainment programming at a large resort here in Scottsdale, is challenging, to say the least. We have seasons where we need to have the right entertainment for what’s going on in the valley. Joe at Onstage, helped us fill every open spot.

We are so fortunate to have met Joe Costello. Not only is he an extremely talented musician but Onstage Entertainment Group is the best. They offer a wide variety of uber talented performers. The entire staff is personable and helpful with booking and promoting their talent at our events. Our guests have loved every musician we have used from Onstage. There is no reason to look any further than Onstage Entertainment Group when booking musical entertainment.

You are the best talent agent/music manager that I have worked with in this industry.


Onstage Entertainment Group is an International entertainment booking agency that serves resorts, country clubs, restaurants, festivals, venues and event professionals around the world. Our reputation is built on our ability to choose the best in class and most appropriate entertainment to suit the ambiance and clientele of each venue, driving revenue and guest satisfaction.

You have choices as to whom you work with and we know we aren’t the only agency in town. What we are committed to and our existing partners know, is that no other agency brings the hands-on, caring dedication and personal touch that we bring…no one.

To that end, we don’t have large, difficult to read contracts or force exclusivity on our partners. We want what’s best for everyone involved and if we can give you the best entertainment for the best possible price and everyone is treated fairly, that is a partnership and that is our goal …hell, it’s our motto!!


Entertainment experts delivering the best

Joe Costello

Joe Costello


Joe‘s expertise lies in truly grasping the essence of venues and events, diving deep into the nuances that make each one unique. His unwavering commitment ensures that every act doesn’t merely entertain, but profoundly connects with and leaves a memorable impact on the audience. Over countless engagements and years, he’s cultivated invaluable relationships with a broad spectrum of artists, from enthusiastic emerging talents to the industry’s established A-list stars. This depth of experience, combined with his expansive network, has firmly positioned Onstage Entertainment Group as a leading and trusted cornerstone in the entertainment sector, consistently delivering unparalleled entertainment bookings.

Jo Ellen Verna

Jo Ellen Verna

Event Coordinator

Jo Ellen boasts over four decades of rich experience from the hospitality sector, artfully combining this knowledge with her substantial years in event production and design. She‘s a mastermind behind both corporate and non-profit event coordination, ensuring every detail is meticulously planned. Beyond her tangible skills, her ability to gauge client needs is unmatched. And while Jo Ellen may playfully claim she can’t carry a tune, she undeniably possesses a discerning ear, a quality that has become an indispensable asset to the Onstage team as they onboard new talent, and their continued success!

Michele Morabito

Michele Morabito

Artist Relations/Logistics Director

Michele, grounded in her extensive corporate experience, is a consummate professional who consistently shines behind the scenes. A strong supporter of all things entertainment, her unparalleled attention to detail and meticulous planning ensure that every event is executed to perfection. While she may not always be in the limelight, her influence is palpable in the seamless flow and success of each occasion. Michele’s unwavering dedication and ever-present smile make her an invaluable asset to any team.

Ashley Manoff

Ashley Manoff

VP of Sales

With roots in hospitality and sales, Ashley is a dynamic blend of expertise and intuition. Her years navigating the intricacies of hospitality have gifted her a sixth sense for curating standout experiences. More than just a salesperson, Ashley is a connoisseur of the valley‘s social heartbeat, always in tune with the latest trends and happenings. Her unique insight ensures clients not only get top-notch entertainment solutions but also experiences that echo the valley’s unique vibrancy. With Ashley, entertainment meets authenticity.