Welcome to Onstage Entertainment Group’s DMC Division, where we specialize in delivering exceptional live entertainment experiences for destination management companies across the country. Our dedicated team understands the unique needs of corporate events and takes pride in curating the perfect entertainment lineup to bring your vision to life. From scheduling to onsite management, production, invoicing, and insurance, Onstage Entertainment Group handles every detail, allowing you to focus on creating unforgettable experiences for your clients.

Why Choose Onstage Entertainment Group’s DMC Division?

Our DMC Division is committed to providing top-notch live entertainment solutions tailored to the unique requirements of destination management companies. Here’s what sets us apart:

  1. Corporate-Friendly Performers: We recognize the importance of professionalism and corporate-appropriate entertainment. That’s why we carefully screen all our entertainers to ensure they are “corporate friendly” and suitable for your clients’ events.
  2. Comprehensive Entertainment Solutions: Our team is dedicated to going above and beyond in finding the perfect entertainment to match your vision. With access to every possible form of entertainment, we will stop at nothing to bring your creative ideas to life.
  3. Full-Service Event Management: Our experts handle all aspects of event management, including scheduling, onsite coordination, production, invoicing, and insurance. We ensure a seamless, stress-free experience from start to finish.
  4. Deep Roster of Backup Performers: We understand that emergencies can happen. In the event that a performer is unable to attend, our extensive roster of backup entertainers guarantees a suitable replacement without compromising the quality of your event.
  5. Nationwide Coverage: Our DMC Division caters to destination management companies across the country, making us your go-to partner for all your live entertainment needs, regardless of your location.

Our Services

Onstage Entertainment Group’s DMC Division offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the unique entertainment needs of destination management companies:

  1. Customized Entertainment Solutions: We work closely with you to understand your clients’ vision and specific entertainment requirements, providing tailored recommendations from our extensive roster of performers.
  2. Event Coordination & Management: Our team collaborates with you on every detail, including scheduling, onsite coordination, and production, ensuring flawless execution of your entertainment vision.
  3. Invoicing & Insurance: We handle all invoicing and insurance matters, providing peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your clients’ needs.
  4. Emergency Backup Performers: Our deep roster of backup entertainers guarantees a suitable replacement in case of unexpected cancellations or changes, ensuring the success of your event.
  5. Ongoing Support: Our dedicated team is always available to answer any questions, address concerns, and ensure the continued success of your live entertainment program.

Get Started with Onstage Entertainment Group’s DMC Division

At Onstage Entertainment Group, we’re committed to helping destination management companies create unforgettable experiences for their clients through exceptional live entertainment. To learn more about how our DMC Division can support your event planning needs, please contact us today. Our team of experts is ready to discuss your unique requirements and develop a customized entertainment solution that brings your clients’ vision to life.