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Onstage Entertainment Group is an Arizona based international entertainment-booking agency with access to local, national and international talent.  We proudly service some of the valley’s finest resorts, venues, country clubs and restaurants. We provide a wide variety of entertainment for many of the prominent DMCs in Arizona along with corporate & private event planners.

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Do you need entertainment in the lounge but the space is small? We can handle that! Do you want to create an atmosphere that is both entertaining and conducive to intimate conversation? Our agency will work within your budget…this is our specialty! We do this better than anyone in Arizona.

Onstage Entertainment Group listens carefully to the resort management’s vision for a music program and then delivers on time, on budget and beyond expectations. We work with some of the top food and beverage managers in town. We conduct a site visit to get a feel for the room, we discuss the vision that management has for the room in regards to the clientele the venue would like to attract, the vibe they envision for the room, the hours that would work best for entertainment, the volume concerns, etc.

Since our staff has its finger on the pulse of the valley’s entertainment scene, who better to help you choose the best talent available for the criteria you outline?


Planning a themed event? Do you need interactive entertainment or music or both?

If it’s music you need, we can provide solo artists to big bands, jazz ensembles to tribute bands, country to DJs – we have the perfect accompaniment to your event. Do you need music coverage that compliments event flow starting with a cocktail hour through dinner and then onto the dance floor? Onstage Entertainment Group has you covered.

Are you looking to WOW! your audience? We can provide the best live interactive entertainment available in the valley such as aerial performers, a mentalist, fire eaters, a magician, motivational speakers, etc. We often pull from the talent pools of Los Angeles and Las Vegas so don’t be afraid to ask for what you’d like for your event.

We specialize in providing the most unique entertainment for our clients, with the response time unmatched by anyone.


Is your wedding entertainment important to you? Do you feel quality entertainment can bring your event to a whole new level? Are timeline details of your event, something that simply has to be perfect? Is having a traditional yet fun mitzvah, something you would love to trust to an expert?

We have supplied all forms of entertainment for the smallest and simplest events all the way up to events where there are multiple performance locations and various types of entertainment, both musical and specialty entertainment.

Our designated on site logistics person, whether it be the actual leader of the performing group or a separate staff person needed for a multifaceted event, is there to make sure we work hand in hand with your wedding planner and/or event coordinator, to have all your entertainment needs run like clockwork.


I needed a DJ at the last minute because something went wrong with communication between my event planner and the DJ himself. At the last minute, not only did Onstage find me a DJ but they found one of the best we’ve ever had and they didn’t gouge us on price with the last minute request.

Dana Wilson

I needed a jazz band for my parents 50th wedding anniversary and OSEG came through with an amazing trio. Volume was an issue for us and OSEG made sure the group they sent, was sensitive to our needs. We now have a go-to entertainment resource that provides an extremely personal touch.

Linda Guthrie
Being in charge of the entertainment programming at a large resort here in Scottsdale, is challenging, to say the least. We have seasons where we need to have the right entertainment for what’s going on in the valley. Joe at Onstage, helped us fill every open spot.
Cynthia Henry


Onstage Entertainment Group is an international boutique music-booking agency that serves area resorts, country clubs, restaurants, festivals, venues and event professionals in Arizona. Our reputation is built on our ability to choose the best in class, and most appropriate live music to suit the ambiance and clientele of each venue, driving revenue and guest satisfaction.

You have choices as to whom you work with and we know we aren’t the only agency in town. What we are committed to, and our existing partners know, is that no other agency brings the hands-on, caring dedication and personal touch that we bring…no one.

To that end, we don’t have large, difficult to read contracts or force exclusivity on our partners. We want what’s best for everyone involved and if we can give you the best entertainment for the best possible price and everyone is treated fairly, that is a partnership and that is our goal …hell, it’s our motto!!


Entertainment experts delivering the best

Joe Costello

Joe Costello


Joe’s ability to create successful entertainment/venue pairings, lightening fast response time to the needs of DMCs, corporate/event planners and his reputation as a musician and entrepreneur amongst peers and clients/partners is impeccable, and the reason OSEGLLC grows stronger year after year.

Jo Ellen Verna

Jo Ellen Verna

Event Coordinator

Jo Ellen spent more than 20 years in the hospitality industry and has an extensive background in corporate and non-profit event coordination and planning. And while she can’t sing a lick, she’s got a great ear!

Valentina Hannigan

Valentina Hannigan


Valentina is our powerful behind the scene logistics/marketing guru. She makes all the magic happen!!
She makes sure every "t" is crossed and every "i" is dotted. Whether is marketing and sharing all our entertainment to the various social media sites or keeping our internal workflow on point, she is working tirelessly to make sure Onstage runs like a well-oiled machine!