The Vintage Airstream Photo Booth

Reference #: AZ00137P

Introducing this enchanting 1966 Airstream gem reborn as a dazzling photo booth with a contemporary twist! Immerse yourself in timeless charm while capturing unforgettable moments at private soirées, vibrant festivals, and corporate galas. This Airstream Photo Booth is more than just a nostalgic beauty – she’s a Wi-Fi-enabled wonder, effortlessly sharing your cherished memories with the world. Plug her into any regular outlet and watch her light up the scene, inside or outside any event venue. Brace yourself for the excitement as guests become captivated by personalized, branded photo strips, transforming into cherished mementos that endure through the ages. Step into this Airstream Photo Booth’s world and make your event truly unforgettable!

Price: Contact for pricing.

Category: Booths & Stations, Photo Booths & Photographers

Type of Event: After Party, Ceremony, Corporate, Festival, Intimate Gathering, That Special Touch, Wedding

Location: Mesa, Arizona