Sensational Taiwanese Virtuoso

Reference #: AZ00128P

Brace yourself for the enchanting talents of this performer, the sensational Taiwanese artist who defies musical conventions. With over two decades of expertise in Chinese Traditional Folk instruments, she has conquered stages across continents, bewitching audiences with her orchestral finesse and electrifying rock vibes. Winner of the prestigious 2020 Gamers Got Talent, her virtuosic prowess knows no limits.

Prepare for an extraordinary auditory experience as she unleashes her groundbreaking album “Legends” and embarks on her exhilarating Japan and Full USA tours in fall 2023. Witness the birth of a new era as she revolutionizes the fusion of tradition and innovation, leaving a trail of awe in her wake.

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Category: Live Music, Instrumental

Genre: Bluegrass, Blues, Classical, Electric Strings, Era Specific, Folk, Indian, Latin, Native American, Open Format, Pop, Rock

Style: Ambiance, Interactive, Stage Shows, Strolling

Configuration: Solo, Duo, Band

Instrument: Vocals, Strings

Type of Event: After Party, Ceremony, Cocktails, Corporate, Dinner, Festival, General Session, Intimate Gathering, That Special Touch, Wedding

Location: Tempe/Phoenix, Arizona