Rockstar Legend

Reference #: AZ00012P

Experience powerful live energy from this incredible singer/songwriter/guitarist. He has wowed everyone with his incredible from the Allman Brothers to Neil Young, as well as Bon Jovi, Deep Purple, Grand Funk Railroad, REO Speedwagon, and a whole lot more.

This performer has numerous amazing memories of performing with musical legends like Sammy Hagar, Bo Diddley, and Sam Moore — treating every one of those experiences as a lesson in greatness.

“City on a Hill,” starring Kevin Bacon, features his rock track “Distant Shore” (S01E01 & S01E07). He has also written outside of rock before, but he was influenced by bands like Led Zeppelin and Bad Company and singers like Paul Rodgers and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

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Category: Live Music, Music with Vocals

Genre: Blues, Country, Pop, Rock

Style: Interactive, Stage Shows

Configuration: Solo, Duo, Trio

Instrument: Guitar & Vocals, Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Percussion

Type of Event: After Party, Corporate, Festival

Location: Phoenix, Arizona