Pop-Rock Classic Group with Folk Twist

Reference #: CO00088D

Looking for a group that can elevate your event with a unique blend of pop and rock classics, infused with a folky twist? Look no further than this stylish “hipster” ensemble. With their versatile instrumentation and soulful vocals, they’re the perfect fit for any occasion, whether you’re planning an intimate mountain wedding or a lively corporate event with a Colorado theme. From the infectious energy of the Lumineers to the timeless melodies of Van Morrison and Mumford & Sons, this group channels all the best elements of folk rock, making for a performance that’s both nostalgic and contemporary. Whether you opt for a duo, trio, quartet, or quintet, this group is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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Category: Live Music, Instrumental

Genre: Folk, Pop, Rock

Style: Ambiance, Stage Shows

Configuration: Duo, Trio, Quartet, Band

Instrument: Guitar, Keys, Strings

Type of Event:  Ceremony, Cocktails, Corporate, Dinner, General Session, Intimate Gathering, Wedding

Location: Denver, Colorado