Eclectic Vinyl Master

Reference #: AZ100037

Embark on a sonic journey with a master of music, boasting 25 years of unparalleled expertise. Renowned for his eclectic vinyl sets, this luminary, crafts intimate atmospheres with a “special touch” sought after by the discerning. From underground hideaways to exclusive soirées, each performance is a meticulously curated voyage through time and space. Collaborating seamlessly with artists and venues, his legacy continues to redefine the art of DJing. Step into the realm where music reigns supreme and let the rhythms of this enigmatic virtuoso transport you beyond imagination.

Price: Contact for pricing.

Category: DJ Music, Club, Corporate

Genre: Brazilian, Caribbean, Disco, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Open Format, Pop, R&B Soul

Style: Ambient (background), Stage Shows (main focus), Strolling (you are mobile)

Type of Event: After Party, Cocktails, Dinner, Festival, General Session, Intimate Gathering, That Special Touch

Location: Phoenix, Arizona