Dance Hit Party Ensemble

Reference #: CO100001

Step into the electrifying world of a 10-piece horn-infused dance ensemble, where every beat is a pulsating invitation to move. With dynamic vocals and an unstoppable rhythm section, they breathe new life into classics by Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, and an eclectic array of chart-topping icons. From infectious grooves to timeless hits, their repertoire spans generations, guaranteeing a night of unbridled joy and non-stop dancing. Get ready to groove with a band that’s redefining live entertainment, one unforgettable performance at a time.

Price: Contact for pricing.

Category: Live Music, Music with Vocals

Genre: Country, Disco, Era Specific, Funk, Jazz, Pop, R&B Soul, Rock

Style: Stage Shows (main focus)

Configuration: Band

Instrument: Guitar & Vocals, Keys & Vocals, Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Horns, Keys

Type of Event: After Party, Ceremony, Cocktails, Corporate, Dance Reception, Festival, General Session, Wedding

Location: Littleton, Colorado