Custom Hat Atelier

Reference #: AZ00179S

Step into the world of bespoke hat craftsmanship with this Custom Hat Atelier. From humble beginnings in a vintage camper trailer to blossoming into a brick-and-mortar haven, their journey reflects our passion for unique headwear. Nestled in Scottsdale, Arizona, this flagship store is a testament to personalized style. Join them in curating your dream hat, from design to embellishments, and watch as their artisans bring it to life before your eyes. Embrace the spirit of Scottsdale or indulge in a memorable bachelorette outing with them. At Custom Hat Atelier, there’s a hat for every head and a story behind each creation.

Price: Contact for pricing.

Category: Other Event Services, Wild West & Southwest

Type of Event: Festival, Intimate Gathering, That Special Touch, Wedding

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona