Body Balancing Adagio Duo

Reference #: A5035Z

Leave your audience spellbound by booking these incredible acro-balance artists. Using only their bodies and a combination of dance and gymnastics, this duo performs amazing lifts, flips, and contortions that are stunning to observe.

Working together for more than seven years, this duo is comprised of what they call a “base and flier”, but it is their chemistry that really makes them stand out as spectacular performers. Your guests will not be able to look away from their intense acrobatic dancing, gravity-defying lifts and stunts that will make your heart skip a beat.

Having worked as professional gymnasts, this duo has tons of technical ability and their performance is flawless. Because of their exceptional show and their abilities, this hand-to-hand duo has been booked for Mercedes Benz and at major events like the Olympic Torch Relay.

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Category: Specialty Entertainment, Circus, Themed Entertainment, Circus & Carnival & Festival Stage Shows, Circus Shows

Style: Ambiance, Stage Shows

Type of Event: After Party, Cocktails, Corporate, Festival, General Session, That Special Touch

Location: Phoenix, Arizona