A Graceful Trailblazer on the Ice

Reference #: AZ100015

Apart from choreographing for figure skating shows since 1993, this performer has been captivating audiences worldwide as a professional figure skater since 1991. She has worked on various productions such as Dorothy Hamill’s Ice Capades, Next Ice Age, Feld Entertainment’s Grease on Ice, Disney On Ice Jungle Adventures European Tour, Snoopy’s Summer Vacation, and many others. Her extraordinary talent and unwavering dedication to the art of figure skating captivates spectators and earn her achievements including 2nd place on Dorothy Hamill Open Invitational and as a competitor during the American Open Ladies. Being able to perform on synthetic ice, she can grace your event wherever it is in the country.

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Category:  Dance, Interactive Entertainment, Stage Shows  Interactive Entertainers,  Stage Shows Fire & Ice Shows, Dance Troupes, LED Dancers

Style: Stage Shows (main focus)

Type of Event: Corporate, Festival, That Special Touch

Location: Glendale, Arizona