Genre-Defying Pop Singer Songwriter

Reference #: AZ00091S

Hailing from the tropical paradise of Hawaii, this talented musician was born and raised in a small town on the breathtaking east side of the island of Oahu. His influences and musical artistry are as diverse as the rich culture he was raised in, spanning across genres such as oldies, neo-soul, classics, jazz, pop, and R&B. Drawing comparisons to legendary artists like John Lennon, John Mayer, and John Legend, he has developed a unique sound that leaves audiences in awe.

Driven by a deep passion for sharing his experiences and touching lives through his music, he has made it his mission to bring people together with his soulful melodies. Whether it’s a venue or a private event, he will weave together an unforgettable performance that will captivate your guests and leave a lasting impression.

Get ready for a mesmerizing musical journey that transcends boundaries and unites hearts. Don’t miss the opportunity to have this extraordinary performer grace your event with his undeniable talent. Let him create an unforgettable experience that will bring everyone together as one.

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Category: Live Music, Music with Vocals

Genre: Blues, Country, Folk, Jazz, Pop, R&B Soul, Rock

Style: Ambiance, Stage Shows

Configuration: Solo

Instrument: Guitar & Vocals

Type of Event: Ceremony, Cocktails, Corporate, Dinner, Festival, General Session, Intimate Gathering, Wedding

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona